• CARTONS – cardboard boxes used to pack your items for moving. 

  • CONSIGNEE – the person/party who is receiving the shipment, they are the ‘owner’ for the purpose of customs clearance procedures.

  • CONTAINER – see ‘shipping container’ or ‘storage container’.

  • CONTAINER VEHICLE – a truck that is specially designed to be able to transport interchangeable shipping containers. 

  • CORPORATE ACCOUNT – a company that is paying for / arranging a move(s) with the Removal Company on behalf of an individual(s).

  • CUBIC FOOT / CUBIC METER – the volume of your goods will be measure in either cubic feet or cubic meters e.g. 1ft x 1ft x 1ft blocks of space. Each piece of furniture will have its volume assessed and all added together to get the total volume of your move.

  • CUSTOMS CLEARANCE – the clearing of a shipment through customs barriers on import into a country. This involves preparation and submission of documents and a calculation of any applicable duties (see ‘Duty’). Customs may select to inspect random shipments to ensure accuracy of documentation.

  • CUSTOMS DUTY – See ‘Duty’.

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