Ten Tips For Moving

Tip 1.

Mark every box on the location it came from in the old house and the new location it is going to in new house.

Tip 2.

Inform An Post that you are moving and give them your new address.

Tip 3.

On moving day, escort removal company around the house, pointing out items that are going and also fragile or heavy items.

Tip 4.

Insure that you have tradesmen lined up to connect certain appliances on the day or day prior to moving.

Tip 5.

Before the movers are finished, inspect the home to insure that everything is how you want it and then you can let them leave.

Tip 6.

Make sure you don't pack away all your supplies before moving day. You will need to have breakfast on moving day morning.

Tip 7.

If access to the new house is awkward for movers, example, limited parking places. Organise beforehand that there will be room for the movers to park their vehicle in order to unload quickly.

Tip 8.

If you have a pet, arrange for a friend to look after it. Moving house can be confusing for an animal and they could also get in the way of the movers.

Tip 9.

If items need to be dismantled, make sure to inform the movers in advance so they can bring the correct equipment.

Tip 10.

Relax and try not to be stressed. North East Removals have vast experience in moving houses and we will have you settled in your home by the end of moving day.


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