House Removal- Pet advice

When moving house, there are a lot of important tasks that need to be completed. House needs to be cleaned, movers need to be shown what's going where and you need to make sure you don't leave something behind. While all of this is happening it is easy to forget about your pet/pets and their needs.

Animals have a tendency to get attached to their familiar  surroundings and it can be a confusing time for them. The best option to take is to leave the animal with friends or family that are capable of looking after it. Leaving them in the house is a risk because of the possibility of doors being left open. Animals can sometimes get in the way of the movers and slow the moving process down.

When you are settled in your new home, its is important that you be careful when letting the animal out on its own. Unfamiliar surroundings can be confusing for animals.

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