Guide to office removals

Moving an office can be a very stressful ordeal. There are a number of people to move and plenty of equipment as well. This is a guide to help you relieve the stress of moving office. By following the the 5 steps, an office move can be done and dusted in 1 day with no hassle.


Ensure that you have tradesmen on hand to disconnect various appliances, such as phone lead /computer. Do not leave anything to chance on the day of a move.


It is easier to use small crates instead of boxes when carrying out an office move. you will need to unpack items in a quick fashion in order to be up and running ASAP. Crates will help you achieve this.


Try to ensure that all desk drawers/ filing cabinets are cleared out in order to speed up the moving process.


Know the layout of new premises. It is important to know where you want everything to be placed in new office and ensure to inform the removal team of this.


Finally, it is critical to inform customer/post office that you have moved and where you will be relocating to.

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