5 pitfalls to avoid when moving


Don't leave contacting the removal company too late. Doing this could result in you not getting the date you wish.


Not knowing the exact contents that are going. Knowing the contents that are going is a vital part of the move. This allows the removal company to give you an accurate quote and will speed up the process.


Not having a plan in the new house. When the movers arrive in your new home with the furniture, it is recommended that you have a plan of where everything goes. Not having this can result in you doing a lot of the work, which is not necessary.


Not packing a survival kit. It is highly important that you have a suitcase full of clothes or items that you will need to get you through a few days. Moving is usually a one day thing but unpacking and organizing can take a few days.


Not taking rush hour into account. Planning a move is all about organization and trying to get the job done asap. It is important to take into account the best times to move. Leaving the old house at rush hour time can delay a move. My advice would be to have the movers come early in the morning and be gone by the afternoon. Doing it this way should avoid any rush hour traffic.

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